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The AWP Bright and Airy Preset Pack!
Create beautiful bright and airy images that your clients will love all while getting your time back!
Do you Love the bright & airy look, but don't love the desaturated colors? 
I got you! I created these presets for people like me and you who love a good pop of color with bright clean backgrounds!
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You spend hours editing each session and still not love the outcome?
  • You find yourself rediting images and wasting hours trying to find consistency?
  • You struggle knowing how to tweak your images to get the perfect bright and airy look for your clients?
  • ​You LOVE one session but hat the turn out of the next?
I get it, nailing down a style is tough...
It took me close to 2 years to nail my style down and feel happy, confident, excited to return images to clients without any second guessing! After shooting over 100 weddings these last 4 years I have spent hours in front of my computer using these presets to create bright and bold images filled with color that my clients are obsessed with! 
I get it, you have probably bought presets before that didn't wow you...
Been there, done that! I have spent hundreds of dollars collecting presets over the last 4 years just to use maybe 2-3 of them every once in awhile. Why did they never work for me? Because presets come with a learning curve that can be hard to understand if you aren't shown how to use them! This is exactly why I will show you HOW to use my signature presets and get the same results that I do! 
I know used to spend hours behind the computer too...
I used to spend WAY TOO LONG trying to make sure my worked matched up and represented my brand well! I nitpicked at everything and constantly questioned myself - which wasted so much time I could have been using to grow my business or spend with my family!
I discovered that presets were the key to consistency! 
...When I finally created these presets I felt my confidence in my work change! I knew that every client was receiving images that were bright, colorful, and an accurate representation of my brand! My sneak peeks went out faster, my workflow time got cut in half, and my clients loved the results!

Plus, editing cute photos of my pup became a breeze! Two clicks for this cute photo! 
Meet Abby
Hey Friend, I am Abby Waller! 
I am a destination wedding photographer based out of the SouthEast! I have shot over 100 weddings the last 4 years all the way from Mexico to Ohio, Savannah to Philly, and Tampa to Nashville! My brides rave over my bright and colorful style and I love being able to provide them with images that reflect their wedding day perfectly!
Last year I began getting asked about my editing style from other photographers who were striving to edit like me, but just couldn't nail it! 
After so many request, and knowing I couldn't teach every single person, I knew I had to release my personal presets! 
Not only do I want you to have my personal presets though, I want to walk you through how to use them and how to achieve consistency in being a bright and airy photographer! 

From getting access to my 8 personal presets + 5 color enhancers, an instruction guide for setting up your images for editing success in camera, and a walk through a full editing tutorial in lightroom - success is on your side!

I want you to feel happy, confident, and excited about your images all while streamlining your workflow so you can enjoy life outside of your business!
just imagine
  • How easy would editing be if you had presets that were created for specific lighting situations?
  • How would you feel being able to have consistent greens that don't overpower images?
  • How much time could you save every session by NOT having to hand edit each image?
The Before and Afters!
Others said...
Take a look at what the other AWP Preset Users have to say....
get all of this without
Get the above benefits and results without.....
Wasted time, wasted money, frustration, etc. Expand on how it has none of the usual side effects of what they've been frustrated with before.
What You Get
Here is EVERYTHING included in the AWP Bright, Bold, amd Colorful Preset Pack!
Get access to everything you need to create the perfect bright and airy images that stop people in their tracks and leave them raving about you!
The Presets
Get access to my personal Bright and Airy Presets! Your preset pack includes 8 color/ light enhancing presets plus 5 adjustment presets! 

The Q&A Guide
Learn exactly what the presets do, how I shoot in camera for editing success, how to install the presets into LR,  and tips for making sure you have success when using your new presets! 
Training Video
Stop trying to do it on your own! Watch my 25 minute training video to learn exactly how I use these presets and edit sessions with ease and consistency! 
Don't miss this bonus offer!
Grab Your Presets Today and Get My 3 Favorite Black and White Presets as a Gift! 
Do you struggle to get timeless black and white images that are full of light yet still show off the true emotion of the image? Grab your preset pack today and I will send you my three favorite black and white presets as a gift! 
You Asked 
Still got more questions? Well, I have your answers!
Are the Presets Lightroom only?
Yes, currently the presets are for lightroom only! 
How MANY Presets are included?
You get 8 base presets created for specific lighting situations + 5 color/light enhancing presets! PLUS the bonus 3 Black and White Presets!
Does the training show how you actually edit?
Yes! The training includes a video walkthrough on how I use these lightroom presets on 15 different images in different lighting situations!
Do you have a guide on how to add these into lightroom?
Yes! Once you download the presets you will see a PDF that explains this information! 
How long after ordering do I get my presets?
Immediately! Once you order you will be sent your download via email!
Is there a specific way I need to shoot for these?
Yes and No. I explain exactly what I look for when shooting in order to make sure my style stays consistent and to know these presets will work well! As long as you don't majorly over expose your images when shooting you will be fine!
Have additional questions? Email me at abby@abbywaller.com
AWP Bright and Airy Presets 
Get BRIGHT Bold, and Colorful Images starting now!
If I were to teach you how Exactly how I edit it woud cost you over $600 in mentoring session!
Today's Price = $79

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